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Why should you join AskToledo.com?


♦ To become an active member of Toledo’s growing test market for local, national, and international companies

♦ To earn extra cash and gift cards

♦ Online surveys can be completed at your convenience in the comfort of your home

♦ For the opportunity to interact and share your thoughts and opinions with fellow members of the community by participating in focus groups (from what we hear, it’s a lot of fun!)

♦ To have a positive impact on growing businesses and to influence the products and services you use

♦ We are a local company and our team members are all part of the Toledo community

♦ Local Pride! Toledo is a pretty great place full of diverse culture and nationally recognized centers of excellence

Why Toledo?

Toledo has a rich demographic profile that closely matches that of the overall U.S.  In fact, the Northwest Ohio city has even been dubbed "the new Peoria" in recent years after serving as a testing ground for new Taco Bell menu items.  In a recent article from The Toledo Blade, GLM President Dr. Lori Dixon, PhD put it this way:  "Toledo is a very typical city and so we are very representational of what [is] happening in typical cities across the United States.  Our employment levels, education levels, and other important demographic variables are near which would be found in other areas.”