After attending one of our focus groups, here is what a few of our AskToledo members have to say!

"I participated in the focus group this past Monday with 8 women. I enjoyed the interactions tremendously and [the moderator] was sure to call on everyone for their opinions and feelings. I walked out with 2 women who liked it too. We all had a great exchange from different perspectives. It was great fun even though the weather was extremely cold. I did one of these many years ago. I hope I get to do this again some time and I have already given the recruitment forms to friends. The 2 ladies at the front desk were pleasant and gracious to everyone. Thanks for the opportunity and the snacks too!"

"Thank you for inviting me, I had a great time. Would not mind doing it again sometime."

"I always enjoy participating in the research/focus group. So close to home and very friendly staff!"

"I went to a focus group tonight and truly enjoyed it. This was my first experience with such a group. I will most definitely do it again if asked!"

"I attended a group 2/11/2017.  [Our moderator] was very good as she kept the time interesting and entertaining.  I found it to be eye-opening on a few subjects which I had never delved into."