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Overview:  Great Lakes Marketing Research (GLM), the owner and operator of, NEVER sells your information. GLM does not engage in the act of selling any products. and—collectively referred to as “sites” throughout this policy—are websites affiliated with Great Lakes Marketing Research (GLM).  GLM is committed to keeping any personally identifiable information (PII) confidential.  The Privacy Policy applies only to the PII that is collected through the sites, and will contain details on the following:

  • What information is collected, and for what purposes.
  • How the information is stored.
  • What security measures are used.
  • How you may edit/omit your information.
  • The use of cookies.
  • Links to websites not owned by GLM.
  • Information collected on children.

Information Collection

GLM collects PII that includes (but is not all encompassing): first and last name, e-mail, residential/mailing address, gender, ethnicity, birthdate, occupation, and phone number.  The PII GLM collects on the sites is used for company purposes only.  GLM has access to only the information that is given directly to us by you, the user.  GLM also collects business contact information that may include the PII listed above.

Use of Information

GLM uses this information to respond to and communicate with individuals/clients who contact the company through the sites. The information collected on is used to contact individuals about participating in market research studies. Participation in market research is voluntary, and participants can opt out at any point. In some instances, the market research will be conducted over the internet and the information collected through these research activities is kept by GLM. Upon request from a client, and with participant consent, GLM may share the information collected with its clients.

GLM reserves the right to disclose your PII, if requested, in response to law enforcement officials, judicial proceedings, or investigations of fraud or other violations of law/regulation/rule.

Information Storage

PII collected on is transferred off the webserver and kept in a secure database. The information in the database can be edited if necessary, however, you do not have direct access to the database. If you wish to edit your information, please contact GLM by using the contact information located at the bottom of this policy.

NOTE: GLM can omit information from the database but will not delete entire records. Each individual record is kept for historical purposes. If you ask GLM to delete you from the database, you will be moved to a “Do Not Contact” list. The information in that list, like the database, will never be sold.

The PII collected on is used for communication purposes only and may be kept in a separate database for these purposes.

Please use the contact information located at the bottom of this policy if you wish to stop being contacted by GLM.


All data are collected and stored internally on GLM’s secured servers.  The servers are located in a facility that is locked and monitored. However, GLM cannot guarantee that each transmission of data is 100% secure.  By using the sites, you assume the risk that comes with having your information transmitted.


GLM does not track its visitors.  Cookies are used, but these cookies are not used to store information on visitors.  The cookies are used for site flow, ensuring that the sites work well while in use.  The cookies only last for as long as the session does. 


GLM’s sites contain links to other websites.  GLM asks that you read the privacy policies of these websites before using them.  This privacy policy does not cover any website other than GLM’s, of which were listed above.  This also pertains to any instance in which you are redirected to another website.

Child Data

GLM has zero information requests that are intended for those under the age of 18.  All requests for information on children must be completed by a parent/guardian of the child.  The information requested is not required, and the parent/guardian has the right to rescind any information they have given previously.  The data collected are used for reasons described in “Use of Information” above.


GLM reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time.  GLM will not alert you when changes are made.  It is suggested that you frequently check this page to keep up with any updates.  The “last modified” date below should help you keep current.  Your continued use of GLM’s sites after changes are made will serve as your consent to the changes.

If you feel that GLM’s privacy policy is not being met in any way, please feel free to contact or by mail at:

3361 Executive Parkway, Suite 200
Toledo, OH 43606

Last Modified: June 19, 2018

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